Australia’s leading fuel system testing and manufacturing facility

KPM Motorsport have been developing some of Australia’s fastest cars and highest quality products over the last 20 years. With a focus on quality, precision, reliability and OEM styling, their products, packages, and full vehicle builds are second to none.

Over the years KPM Motorsport have developed a broad range of products which have provided solutions to common problems, and fulfilled the needs of motoring enthusiasts looking to improve the performance of their vehicles. KPM Motorsport have developed products which are not only of the highest quality but also have long term reliability.

The KPM Motorsport range of products covers everything from air intakes, exhausts, cooling, and fuel systems just to name a few. When looking to improve the performance of your vehicle, it is critical that the fuel system is upgraded to allow safe, reliable power to be maintained. KPM Fuel Systems offer full solutions such as OEM fit, drop-in fuel pump kits, injectors, regulators, and E85 options also.

KPM Fuel systems offer products for new model Commodore, Falcon, Mustang and a range of other vehicles, both standard and high performance.

Expert technicians

At KPM we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service, and delivering the best quality products available. This begins with our engineers, and expert technicians who develop and test every component of every product and package we offer. Our products are designed with OEM fitment as key. Each component is designed and engineered specifically to suit its application.

With years of experience in performance tuning and development our expert technicians are able to identify and fix fuel system components given to us for testing. Our technicians have an excellent eye for detail with a focus on precision and consistency when testing and manufacturing KPM Fuel System products.

precision and quality guaranteed

All products at KPM are built to the highest level of precision and quality, to ensure hassle free use. In both manufacturing and testing we provide a consistently high standard of service and production.

With each set of injectors we manufacture, we provide full data sheets to ensure quality manufacturing and operation of the injectors. This data is then critical when tuning the vehicle fitted with the specific injector set.

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