BF MK2-FGX XR6T 1000HP Total Fuel Kit

When increasing the level of performance and power of your vehicle it becomes vital that the fuel system can support increased power levels. KPM have engineered a direct-fit, factory style replacement fuel system that does this perfectly to suit the BF MK2 – FGX Falcon XR6 Turbo.

The KPM fuel system will offer 100% surge protection right down to an almost empty fuel tank. This completely eliminates the need for an external surge tank set up.

This upgrade will ensure maximum fuel delivery and reliability should you utilise your vehicle for spirited driving, club track days or drag racing.

KPM have engineered this fuel system to be a direct-fit and provide maximum performance. The system has all components you need included and matched to work together. Nothing else required. No extra costs!


KPM are the original designers and manufacturers of the first high flow, in-tank fuel modules and systems for many high powered Australian vehicles.

All our systems are designed by our own engineers to work as a complete direct-fit solution. Proven design, testing and continual evolution over 15 years and hundreds of cars, on road and track, is the reason we are the industry leaders in fuel delivery systems.

Fuel Module

Our fuel modules continue to lead the way with our unique dual refill valves and dual venturi pump systems. This ensures that our modules refill and remain constantly full of cool dense fuel at the fastest rate possible. This rate exceeds any other system on the market.

Module components are made of the highest quality stainless steel, lightweight, tough CNC machined Acetyl, and nickel plated for complete protection and compatibility with both petrol and ethanol fuels.

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Vital to any fuel system is that fuel pressure regulators are perfectly matched and engineered to work with the fuel supply module. KPM have dynamically tested our regulators to ensure that fuel pressure is maintained perfectly with fuel delivery at varying manifold pressures. This is particularly vital on forced-induction engines where varying fuel pressures must be referenced to expected fuel delivery. This allows for the most accurate engine tuning to be possible.

For ease of fitment and cost savings, all hoses and fittings required to fit the regulator are 100% ethanol and petrol compatible and supplied in every kit.

Plug & Play Wiring/Relay Kit

Higher flow fuel pumps demand higher amperage to operate. Most often, standard OEM wiring and relays are not a heavy enough gauge to support this higher amperage. Therefore, where required, KPM Fuel Module Systems will include the correct heavy gauge wiring and relay kit to match the upgraded pumps requirements. This both protects the standard wiring from overheating and allows full amperage supply to the fuel pumps to ensure maximum advertised output.

The wiring/relay loom is a direct plug into your standard wiring and plug connectors. This requires no cutting, soldering or tools. This saves hundreds of dollars in labour due to ease and speed of fitment.

Ultimate System Performance

Cool dense fuel means more power capability!

Cool fuel has more energy in every droplet allowing for more power to be extracted from each droplet.

KPM Fuel Modules are immersed in your vehicles fuel tank, therefore being surrounded by a large mass of fuel. This ensures the fuel module and pumps remain constantly cooled, delivering your engine cool fuel continuously and reliably at correct pressures.

Unlike hot external surge tank systems, the KPM Fuel Modules are immersed in your vehicles fuel tank. This means no fume smells, it is whisper quiet, safe and 100% legal.

All our KPM fuel systems are manufactured to be a direct and complete NO FUSS, drop-in solution which are 100% ethanol and petrol compatible.


This unit is needed when increasing your vehicles power levels and is rated up to 1000hp (flywheel rated on 98 octane fuel)

This kit is available in SEDAN or UTE fitment, simply select the option you require below.


  • 1000hp twin in-tank pump anti-surge module (2 x Walbro 300 lph pumps utilised)
  • High flow replacement fuel pressure regulator
  • Plug & play wiring/relay kit
  • KPM 1000cc Injectors x 6
  • 1500hp E-flex fuel filter
  • Fitting Instructions
  • All necessary fitting components included. NO need for any further components (hoses, fittings etc.)


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