KPM Fuel Hoses (Assorted Lengths)

KPM Fuel Systems – high strength, high flexibility in-tank convoluted fuel hose.

This hose has been used in our high flow KPM Fuel Modules for many years with perfect reliability on all types of fuels, pressures and environments. 

The circular corrugation leaves you with a very flexible, yet sturdy fuel hose that fits within tight spaces. Made of high grade PA12 polyamide nylon, the KPM fuel hose has a high mechanical strength with minimum wall thickness. Safe for all type of fuels, such as ethanol, methanol, race blends an of course pump petrol. Our custom-designed fuel hose comes in a range of varying sizes and lengths to meet most in tank plumbing requirements.

Choose below from 90mm up to 480mm lengths that are designed to perfectly fit most popular fuel pumps and fittings.

All hoses come in bundles of 4.

90 x 5mm                              #KPMFH90X5

120 x 8mm/10mm               #KPMFH120X8/10

160 x 4mm                            #KPMFH160X4

160 x 8mm                            #KPMFH160X8

160 x 10mm                          #KPMFH160X10

160 x 10mm ID                     #KPMFH160X10MMID

240 x 10mm                         #KPMFH240X10

240 x 10mm ID                    #KPMFH240X10MMID

270 x 8mm                           #KPMFH270X8

300 x 10mm                        #KPMFH300X10

300 x 10mm ID                    #KPMFH300X10MMID

340 x 10mm ID                    #KPMFH340X10MMID

340 x 10mm                         #KPMFH340X10

480 x 10mm ID                    #KPMFH480X10MMID


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