StreetFighter Mustang GT 900HP In-Tank Fuel Module

StreetFighter is proud to release the 2015 onwards Mustang 900HP Fuel Module. With the new GT 5.0 Mustangs being tuned to amazing power levels comes the need for a high performance fuel system.

StreetFighter has met this need with a direct replacement high performance Fuel Module that will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 900HP and beyond.

Up to now the only fuel system solution has been to boost voltage to the standard fuel pump to increase its fuel delivery. This has been generally accepted as the only means to support power levels up to 780HP on the current Mustangs. This required a device called a voltage booster to be wired in to the vehicles electrical system. The main downside is that to achieve extra performance from the standard fuel pump, it is run at a voltage higher than it was designed for.

A standard fuel pump running higher voltages has the down side of running hotter as well as reducing its service life. This adds extra load on your vehicles electrical/charging system. It also creates an environment of hot fuel, which diminishes your ability to optimise performance and creates higher fuel usage and less stable tuning.

The StreetFighter 900hp Fuel Module is designed, utilising the highest flowing, highest performance fuel pump available, housed in a high flow fuel canister and distribution manifold, delivering the optimum amount of cool dense fuel at standard vehicle voltages.

This equates to optimum tuning and power levels 900HP and beyond.

The StreetFighter 900HP Fuel Module is a direct replacement system, meaning, remove your standard module and fit the StreetFighter module with ease.

StreetFighter 900HP Mustang Fuel Module details:

  • Complete fuel module / direct replacement fit
  • Highest performing/flow fuel pump available
  • High flow canister, distribution manifold and fittings
  • Supports standard power and up to 900HP
  • Eliminates the need for voltage boosters / extra wiring
  • No extra load on your vehicles electrical and charging system
  • Cool dense fuel / creates extra power and economy
  • Optimum pump life
  • 100% compatible on all fuels
  • Ethanol E85/ E100 compatible up to 10,000 hours
  • Easy hassle free fitment
  • Manufactured in Australia


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