StreetFighter BA-FGX E-Flex Fuel Filter

To complement our range of OEM style, direct fit, high performance fuel system components, KPM have developed the StreetFighter lifetime fuel filter.

The KPM high flow filter is a direct fit to every model from BA Falcon to current FGX models. No need for any extra fittings or modifications, just fit and forget.


  • Direct fit replacement
  • 100% compatible for Petrol, ethanol and all race fuels
  • Fully anodised billet alloy housing
  • Lifetime and cleanable 10 micron high flow stainless steel filter
  • Maintains accuracy of high flow matched set injectors
  • Maintains accuracy of fuel pressure regulators
  • Ensures protection and hassle free operation from your fuel system

Non-compliant fuel filters have been one of the major causes of fuel system problems over the years. This is especially true when using ethanol fuels. The glues and paper elements in the standard filter can’t cope with the effects of many performance systems and high flow setups. This causes fouling and blockages of vital components such as fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators.


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